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The Leader’s Connection section of each chapter gives high level leaders suggestions on how to establish a culture that recognizes the value of soft skills. “Tips for leaders” are step by step ways to integrate the book’s concepts and skills into everyday interactions with team members and staff.  Trainers, supervisors, managers, and team leaders will find this book an invaluable training tool, complete with suggestions on how to use activities, assessments, and questions for team building and skill development.

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The value of face-to-face communication is…priceless.  We text, email, tweet, post on Facebook, and use bits of information that may or may not be understood or tell the whole story.  Although expedience has its place, in certain circumstances, talking face-to-face can provide so much more, especially in understanding motives, and working through issues, problems, and concerns with a greater understanding and with better results. 

Employers recognize the importance of soft skills, and in a report entitled “Are They Really Ready to Work? Employers’ Perspectives on the Basic Knowledge and Applied Skills of New Entrants to the 21st Century U.S. Workforce”  400 employers revealed that they view “soft skills” as even more important than the three R’s (reading, writing, and arithmetic) for new entrants to the workforce.   Employers that participated included companies such as Microsoft, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Dell, Inc., Phillip Morris, State Farm, Ford, and Pearson Education. 

The conclusion was that “far too many young people are inadequately prepared to be successful in the workplace.”    This is a stunning  conclusion, affecting the ability of worldwide business success.  (The Conference Board, October, 2006.)
The Wall Street Journal reiterated these themes in March, 2013.

Soft Skills Revolution offers ways to increase soft skills through explanations, case studies, activities, and stories that draw the learner in by real-life experiences. The book is a guide for teaching, coaching, and allowing individuals to assess their own capabilities and learn how to improve communication in all circumstances, with different personalities, situations, and with the most difficult behaviors that customers and colleagues sometimes exhibit, including bullying and narcissism. 

What people are saying:
“Soft skills have the wrong name. They seem to be hard skills to learn and practice. And yet... Isn't all our life about how we relate to others? Kamin sees the importance of understanding self and others and presents the key competencies that we can master to live a more fullfilling life - since kindness that is given comes back. Her engaging writing style, deep and "down to earth" at the same time, makes this book an easy learning experience of the 'hard" soft skills' we all need to master. Developing these soft skills we can make our world a better place!” Isabel Rimanoczy, Legacy coach, Director Minervas, Women Changing the World, and  author of Big Bang Being: Developing the Sustainability Mindset

“Maxine has mastered the challenge of bringing 'soft skills' to life. Her simple definitions, clear examples, references to seminal authors, focused questions, conceptual frameworks and helpful hints invite and encourage the reader to make these soft skills her/his own. Maxine's clarity in language unlocks the power of her ideas”. Ernie Turner, President, Leadership inInternatinalManagement ( LIM LLC), Author of Action Reflection Learning: Solving Business Problems by Connecting Earning with Learning


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Notes from the American Society for Training and Development, Publisher
Providing great customer service has never been more critical for the success of any business.  10 Steps to Successful Customer Service is designed as a quick, but effective check up to ensure that front line professionals as well as customer service managers focus on the key practices that keep and create satisfied customers.  Beginning with a focus on individual motivation for service, Maxine Kamin covers all the bases critical for success from trust and relationship building to maintaining a big picture perspective to avoid burn out on the job.

How 10 Steps Can Help
This books examines the challenge of creating spectacular customer service, and provides a complete outline for developing customer-oriented practices within your organization.  Whether you are an executive, manager, trainer, or frontline staffer, these Ten Steps can help you jump-start a successful customer service program.
You’ll find a thorough background in the philosophy of customer service, plus tools for putting customer service practices into action, including worksheets, checklists, tips, and activities.  Even the busiest of professionals can create a customer-centric environment when these Ten Steps are working for you. 
Order this book at or  The book is affordable for every person in your company to have a copy!

  • Run lunchtime groups to review the book and follow the activities…
  • Follow the suggestions for managers to use in meetings and team building sessions…
  • Use in combination with Customer Service Training for full-day training sessions, and follow up each month.

What People are Saying

“Ms Kamin's book is filled with humanity and what is considered the most human of characteristics - humor. In the first paragraph of the introduction she writes this line: "there are times you must wonder, `what was I thinking when I took this job?'" and thus, she sets the tone for rest of the book - a light yet serious look at customer relations. Throughout the text, she reminds us that we are all humans, at both ends of the phones, on both sides of the counters, just trying to do our best to keep our humanity when the world around us at times seems to have gone nuts. Many times we all can get a sense that we have fallen down the rabbit hole. Some times the feeling comes from seemly endless waiting for the solution to a problem from customer service representative or as Ms Kamin reminds us, the feeling can come from just waiting on hold, or crawling through the recorded menus that require us to punch buttons. Sometimes the feeling comes from an irate customer. In all cases, the customer service representative comes into that situation without knowing exactly what the feeling or problems are.

Ms. Kamin suggests that every interaction between clients and company representatives should be carried out with humane kindness, courtesy and understanding and these aspects are the underpinnings of the 10 Steps. In Ms Kamin's educated opinion, both the customer and customer service personnel should enter their encounter with a sense that each has a sincere desire to resolve a problem and aim to do so not only without emotional harm to each other but in the best of scenarios with the sense that each has recognized and honored the humanity of the other.

Ms. Kamin says that resolution of a problem is not the only intention of customer service and she shows us how to accomplish these positive interactions with powerfully simple behaviors and attitudes. I highly recommend reading her book regardless of which side of the customer service counter you are on because at some point we all find ourselves on the opposite side.” Faculty Member, Miami-Dade College


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For a training program that all trainers can use for less than $40!
This is a real “steal” for any customer service trainer.  Complete with a CD Rom of activities, assessments,  handouts, and PowerPoint presentations, this training program is packaged for trainers to include how to run a half-day program or full day program, with instructions for each activity and content to back you up.  You can use the material as is, or you can alter it for your own special needs.  Hundreds of trainers have used this resource to create exceptional customer service programs and have experienced results that have improved the bottom line and satisfied customers in profit and non-profit organizations.

What People are Saying
“This workbook is incredible.  It is so easy to use and has everything a trainer needs—assessments, slides, exercises,  and even facilitation techniques.  This book offers a practical and relevant approach for all service delivery professionals and is an insightful study of the lost art of human touch.”    Maritza Domingues, Ken Blanchard Company

This is not just another training book to sit on your shelf.  This book includes tools and tips that can bne used by experienced trainers and first-time facilitators and is a comprehensive guide to training and development.  This is the last customer service training book you will have to buy!
Brian J. Bowdish,  Consultant

“This book is a complete training program.  Its practical learning activities and embedded assessment tools will help any company understand that first-rate training equals first-rate customer service.  More important, this book will help you translate first-rate cfustomer service tgraining to positive bottom-line performance in your organization.”
Fred S. Anton, Former Chief Executive Officer, Warner Bros. Publications