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We look forward to creating a great environment for you and your company by offering the following services.


Train-the-trainer sessions will be customized for your organization. 
Sessions may be designed for training professionals, supervisors, leads, managers, directors.
What the sessions include:

Train-the-trainer sessions are from 2-5 days, with additional follow-up, preferably at your place of
business, or where the training sessions will occur when the program is rolled out.  This may
include conference rooms if trainers, supervisors, or other staff members choose to conduct training
at team meetings or for short periods of time over several months.

Other Services
Leadership Training, Facilitation, Recognition, Myers-Briggs, New Supervisor Training, Customized Programs

Training by Touch Consulting in Soft Skills and Customer Service
We believe in sustainability.  So, we would be glad to conduct training for you, with follow-up activities that will keep concepts and skills fresh in the mind of participants.  

Training areas include:

Soft Skills Customer Service
The Hidden Side of Communication Identify Personal Motivation and Mission for Service
Behind Our Human Interactions
Aligning and Clarifying Your Motives
Unpleasant Organizational Players
What Is Clear Communication?
Removing Communication Barriers
Your Choice of Career and Your Passion
Skills for Now and the Future
Values and Congruity
The Power of Positive Intentions Define Great Service
The Law of Attraction
Kindness, Positivity, and Self-Esteem
The Reciprocity Effect
Why “Yes” Is So Powerful
The Rewards of Altruism
What Customers Want
Customer Loyalty
Personal Effectiveness
The Power of Word of Mouth Advertising
The Value of Media and Social Media in Advertising
Tact and Diplomacy Form Great Relationships
What Diplomacy and Tact Accomplish
Ten Ways to Invalidate Others
The Language of Acceptance
Five Steps to Effective Listening
The Power of Questioning
The give and take of service
Imbalance in Relationships
Trust Building Behaviors
The Challenge of Problem Solving Solve Problems
A Model for Problem Solving
The Nine Steps to Effective Problem Solving
The Role of Intuition in Decisions and Problem Solving
Other Elements to Consider
The Importance of Defining the Problem
Steps to Follow
The “Fantastic Service Equation”
Soft Skills and Teams Recover From Mistakes Gracefully
Types of Teams and Their Uses
The Two Sides of Teams
Four Stages of Team Growth
Interventions That Encourage Results
Team Member Roles
Fixing the Problem
Offering Something of Value
Following Up
 The Personality Factor Honor Differences
Understanding Personality Styles
Finding Your Source of Energy
Discovering How You Gather Information
Identifying How You Make Decisions
Describing Your Personality
Personality Types
Learning Styles
Types of Intelligences
Responding to Customer Types
Taking the Sting Out of Feedback Keep It Cool when Things Hot
The Challenges of Feedback
Types of Feedback
Giving Helpful Feedback
Receiving Feedback
Making Feedback Positive
Button Pushers
Stages of Rage
Assertive Statements
Dealing with Difficult People
Five Steps to Successful Negotiating
Conflict and Cooperation Be Your Own Best Customer
The Stages of Rage
Dealing with Difficult or Angry People
Assertive Behavior Techniques
Take Care of You
Ways to Take Care of Yourself
The Value of Taking Risks
How to Express Yourself
Allowing  for Flexibility
Appreciating the Good
Contemplating Altruism
Creating and Supporting a Customer Service Culture